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On the basis of the cooperation with the company to date, we can definitely recommend LEDIKO, as the supplier of LED industrial luminaires fir demanding customers. LEDIKO rises to the challenge at the stage of investment preparation as well as at the stage of installation service. LED luminaires were supplied according to the construction schedule. All the required standards are fulfilled as intended. In case of unusual tasks, such as fitting the crane luminaires or under the shade outside, the products have benn also tested. After-sales service is at a good level. The company responds quickly and with commtiment.
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Marcin Lekner Firma P.P.H.U. Kraft
We have chosen LEDIKO because of the quality of its products and comprehensive support. We are very satisfied to work with LEDIKO and we can recommend LEDIKO as a reliable and professional business partner.
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Vit Kovarik  Argia s.r.o.
At our request LEDIKO Company made reliable LED modules which were used at the Wrocław Multimedia Fountain.
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Jan Gutkowski Gutkowski Company
LEDIKO proved to be a reliable partner, employees demonstrated professionalism and the product met our high expectations of quality. We recommend LEDIKO Sp. z o.o. as a reliable partner in a desihning, manufacturing and impementing of lighting systems with LED technology. Calculated savings has shown that the expected return of investment is within 12 months from the date of installation of INLENE luminaires.
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Tomasz Graj Nicromet
I recommend LEDIKO company as a reliable provider in LED luminaires.
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Maciej Winiarski KMC Services Sp. z o.o.
We recommend LEDIKO as a reliable partner while providing high-quality lighting.
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Jerzy Rymarowicz Elektromont
We recommend the LEDIKO company as a reliable company that has fulfilled its order within due time.
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Henryk Kowalski Cargill
LEDIKO Company offers innovative solutions, timing of provided services and highly-skilled staff.
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Leszek Waś Przetwórstwo Tworzyw Sztucznych

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