LEDIKO's Mission and Values

Learn core values of our business and see what drives us.

Mission Lediko


This is the mission of LEDIKO. The following values are the foundation our mission is built and realised upon: Team-work, Development, Responsibility, Creativity and Effectiveness. Our mission clearly defines the ways in which we operate - how we manufacture and design lighting

We are people who always bring light that works better, is manufactured more carefully, is more energy-efficient, is people-friendly, improves visibility and safety, reduces fatigue, and highlights details hidden in darkness. We are improving. 

And we do this „together”. This means that we strive to fulfil our mission as a team. We understand team-work as the musketeers saw it, how the national sports team sees it, and how special forces understand it. Team spirit applies to all LEDIKO employees and expands to our suppliers as well as current and future clients. Together we are achieving our goals. We support each other. We help each other. We remember that the chain is as strong as its weakest link. This thought lies behind the responsibility that each one of us has for the fate of the whole team.


The meaning of our logo:




The "LED" part

The idea for the name of the company was born in 2003. The "LED" part of the name clearly indicates what exactly we do..

The "iko" part

The second part softens the name LEDIKO to make it easy and melodious to pronounce. Why have we chosen the letter "k" over the letter "c"? We did this to highlight the fact, that we are a company with Polish roots.

The "j" tittle

Its oval shape represents the Sun, which is a life-giving and the best light source known to man. For us it is also something that highlights our eco-friendliness.

The letter "L"

By beginning the name with a capital letter, we wanted to show that we are a mature company with an extensive experience and a long market presence.


Black-and-white logo colour scheme indicates our company's stability and professionalism.

Letter edges

By using both sharp and soft lines in our logo we wanted to illustrate that we are technical and precise, but our approach is collected and humanistic.

The phrase "leding the way"

This phrase has a metaphorical and direct meaning: we set trends; we indicate solutions; we use LED diodes to illuminate the way to your destination.


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