Benefits of LED lighting


LEDIKO lighting is a change that will improve the operation of the plant at every level of the company’s structure. It simplifies and improves processes, brings savings and ensures safety. It is lighting created for people using it on a daily basis and for people who provide them with this lighting. That is because LEDIKO fixtures are built with all employees in mind. We design them based on the clients’ needs, even the most demanding and specific ones. 

Get to know the main benefits resulting from the use of LEDIKO LED lighting for industrial facilities.


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Benefits for the plant’s director:

  • ensuring the required technical conditions so that the production is flawless and brings profits
  • install - forget (for the next few years, the subject of lighting will be non-existent, you'll only see a report about how much money was saved)
  • predictability of the plant's operation and preservation of its safety
  • freeing up cash resources
  • improving competitiveness


Benefits for the financial director:

  • giant energy savings - releasing funds earlier spent on electricity, which now can be allocated to something else
  • quick financial return on the upgrade or installation of new lighting
  • the ability to repay the investment from the funds saved
  • significant improvement in cash flow
  • reducing failure rates, improving safety - improving the results of the entire production plant
  • long period of reaping the benefits of savings generated on an ongoing basis
  • saving time and ideas for new projects
  • we provide a reliable, proven product with a long service life
  • lower temperature of LED fixtures reduces the heating up of spaces, which significantly reduces the need for energy consumption for air conditioning

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Benefits for the person responsible for maintenance:

  • professional support as well as reliable and trusted consultancy from LEDIKO
  • a guarantee of receiving full and reliable technical documentation and know-how for the lighting system
  • the possibility of connecting and disconnecting fixtures without having to turn off the entire lighting in the area thanks to use of solutions such as Wieland
  • new electric network, new and better insulation of cables, improved electric routes
  • increased fire safety of the plant thanks to the upgrade of lighting
  • significant reduction of problems related to lighting failures
  • systemic compliance with standards in the production line
  • generating savings thanks to the upgrade of lighting, allowing the funds to be invested in other projects
  • significant reduction in energy consumption - the power freed up can be used for other machines
  • reduction of maintenance costs - LED fixtures get less heated up, making them less dirty; additionally, LEDIKO lamps thanks to a well thought-out design are self-cleaning

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Benefits for the plant's electrician:

  • easy and quick repair done on one's own
  • simple replacement of the power supply in the fixture
  • significant time savings that can be spent on more important tasks
  • reduction of duties related to the replacement of a light source (noticeable cost reduction)
  • freedom to arrange the space in the production area and the possibility of reconstruction at any time thanks to the installation of fixtures with the lighting automation system
  • individual adjustment of the lighting level for each plant zone  
  • the ability to meet individual needs in terms of light intensity


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Benefits for the technical director / production director:

  • better lighting and good visibility in workplaces
  • beneficial effect on human activity - the blue spectrum reduces the level of fatigue and lethargy
  • high level of quality and safety of the production line
  • lighting standards met in full, ensuring safety (also in case of inspections)
  • early and accurate detection of defects such as scratches, gaps, etc. (due to better visibility)
  • significant increase in production efficiency
  • the possibility of setting up the lamp's lighting schedule
  • large benefits resulting from the use of lighting automation
  • maximising energy savings
  • reduction of operating costs 


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Benefits for the production worker:

  • lighting that supports the work performed
  • significant improvement of safety due to selection of appropriate lighting
  • better work comfort, which translates into greater employee efficiency
  • eye protection, thanks to maintaining required lighting standards dedicated to a specific workspace



Benefits for the person responsible for orders:

  • access to all information, necessary data and guarantees from LEDIKO resulting in confidence to make a good purchase
  • reduced monitoring of the demand and purchases related to servicing lighting



Benefits for warehouses:

  • the fixtures take up little space
  • they save the volume of the space (possibility of lowering storage space) 
  • the fixtures are not a load on the ceiling
  • the ability to install fixtures in different places


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