IMG 0011 thumbLED AGRALENE luminaire


  • Complementary illumination for greenhouse crops
  • Complementary photoperiodic illumination extending the length of the day
  • Complementary illumination of crops without daylight access



  • increase of profitability of crops by lowering energy consumption in comparison to sodium lamps
  • adjustment of the lighting to the needs of the plant which improves the photosynthesis and thus the growth rate, the quality and size of the plant
  • very long lifetime of light source (Osram LED diodes) which reduces maintenance and service cost



  • openwork structure of luminaire substituting sodium lamps with power up to 1000W
  • possibility of adding an extra beam allowing to control process of flowering plants 
  • luminaire manufactured in Poland, with the possibility of customization to the individual requirements of the greenhouse or a particular type of crop



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  • D1_100X105 P
  • N1_30X120 P

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