Led luminaires

Industrial lightings


- A universal product is a  compromise, and we don’t deal in compromises. And that’s how the idea of INLENE was born — a scalable, modular industrial lamp that’s easy to adapt to different requirements and uses, and at the same time efficient and optimised to maximise energy savings. Read more





the functional, practical and aesthetic lamp. It’s a great combination of design and engineering. Thanks to various enhancements, including modified shape of the bars, we were able to prevent virtually any dust and other pollutants from settling on the XLENE. This is particularly important in places where food is produced and where maintaining clean luminaires is a must. Read more




Street lighting


CLEVEO - functionality, extended longevity, and maximisation of energy savings — these three assumptions served as a starting point to out thought process. Next, we added the easy control of the light depending on the time of night and weather conditions, and better colour representation owed to high-quality LED diodes. Read more




Horticulture lighting



- increase profitability of crops by lowering energy consumption in comparison to sodium lamps and adjustment of the lighting to the needs of the plant which improves the photosynthesis and thus the growth rate, the quality and size of the plant. Read more

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