Awards for LEDIKO

Cree LED Solution Provider

Cree Provider Nagrody LEDIKO 1 2

The status was given to LEDIKO by Cree Company, the world potentate in the production of LED diodes... more

Pure Busienss [Czysty Biznes]

Czysty Biznes

We are pleased to inform that our intelligent LED street lamp CLEVEO won the main award... more

Lower Silesian Griffins [Dolnośląskie Gryfy]

Dolnośkąski Gryf Nagroda Gospodarcza 1

We are delighted to inform that LEDIKO has become one of the laureates of the "Dolnośląski Gryf"... more

Nadzieja Polskiego Rynku

Polish Market

LEDIKO has become one of the laureates of the Nadzieja Polskiego Rynku 2005 (Hope of the Polish Market ).

Led Art

LED art

In 2003 LEDIKO was awarded the LED Art contest in the category of "Light and Electrotechnical".



LEDIKO has become the GreenEvo Leader... more
Recommendation from the Minister of Environment

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