Experience at the LED market

Since 2004 we have specialised in designing and production of LED-based lighting.

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Flexible designing

We always listen to customers and adjust solutions to individual needs.

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Experienced engineers

A group of our engineers and designers is one of the core asset of LEDIKO Company.

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 Polish manufacturer of LED lighting systems


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We are a design and production company specialised in LED lighting. We help our customers create innovative and energy-saving products which take full advantage of High-Power LEDs. We treat every project and product as a challenge and opportunity for further progress and we engage all our knowledge and experience in the domain of LED technology, electronics, thermal management and optics. If you are a lighting manufacturer or you use light in your applications and you want to fully exploit the advantages of LEDs, we invite you to cooperate with LEDIKO in the scope of design and production of LED lighting. We offer standard products as well as custom designs.
LEDIKO has been on a market since 2004. We are a Polish manufacturer, located in Wrocław, in Wrocław Technology Park. From the beginning our company delivered LED solutions.

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